April MC HERO – Caitlin Hailey

Caitlin is a true HERO at Forest Ridge. Caitlin has changed the way we market and has given true light to our office. Caitlin comes to work everyday with a smile and her passion and enthusiasm for what she does carries over to whoever she is working with and makes their experience positive. I am honored to get to work with her every day and I enjoy watching her grow in this industry. – Amanda Maestas – Property Manager

Caitlin greets all prospects with a smile and a genuine excitement and pride in our community. Caitlin is always professional in addressing prospects, coworkers and residents – even when they are difficult and challenging. – Nominator, Rebecca Maust




March, 2013 MC HERO – Jennifer Harmon!

Congratulations to a true HERO!

Jen Harmon is Awesome! This lady travels from property to property doing her thing. Not only does she do what is required of her but also goes above and beyond. In addition to ensuring compliance and training, she will go to any property anywhere as needed. She will stay for months doing all she can to ensure the asset continues to shine. The proof is in the MONTHS of hard work she put in at 2500 James. She should definitely be recognized. In my opinion, she is a Super Hero. I have seen her FLY! – nominated by Linda 

Jennifer demonstrates leadership and consistently goes above and beyond to help team members in need. She recently stepped in to help manage Wickertree (with the help of Brandi and Yvettee), and the property is running GREAT. She quickly shifted gears to help jump start the leasing program at The Place at 2500 James. I truly admire Jennifer’s enthusiasm and dedication. – nominated by Lesley 

January, 2013 MC HERO

We are excited to honor these MC Heroes. Check it out because THIS is what a PRO looks like.

The Place at Edgewood – Staff

Shane Hatfield

Amanda Ullery

Martin Moreno

Edelmira Enciso

Maria King

“I think we should nominate Maria and her team for their response and handling of three recent incidents that could have negatively affected the residents at Edgewood. Because of their calm and professional response, the residents were reassured, and to my knowledge, we did not lose a single resident after these public incidents. The Edgewood team have clearly been successful at establishing a Community where people care about others.” - nominator, Ross McCallister

 Dennis Romeli- Service Manager, Fountains 

   “I’d like to nominate Dennis Romeli at Fountains for HERO of the month for his “Perfect Make Ready” plan and training of the Texas team.  This program is helping to make our Service Managers and    Technicians to understand how to paint in-house and be believers that it can be done in-house.”nominator, Lesley Brice



The talented and amazing Katrina Kutz, Staff Accountant is our June MC HERO!

The accounting department has faced several challenges over the last couple of months and Katrina has gone over and above to pick up the slack and help anywhere possible. Her can-do attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done has made it possible for our team to keep up the flow of work and have minimal impact on others. Having such a solid team member to rely on during this period has been invaluable and without her we would certainly have felt the impact of the changes in a much more unpleasant manner.  Not only can you rely on the accuracy of Katrina’s work, you can also always expect to be greeted with a smile in her voice and kindness in her words.   While there is no one big, specific event that I can single out to demonstrate how much I believe Katrina is an MC Hero -it is her every single day attitude, dedication and interaction with our corporate team and the onsite personnel that explains it best. - Freddie Thornton, Regional Accounting Manager

In the year that I have worked at The Place at Savanna Springs, I have only had the best experience with Katrina Kunz.  Even though she has many properties to cover, she has always been quick to respond to any questions or problems for our property.  She has always followed through with inquiries until they are resolved and always with a postive attitutude.  She makes my new role as Community Manager a little less stressful because she is always available for questions and been very patient with me during my learning period. I truly believe it when she says “we are here to help you if you need it”.    Thank you for your time. - Tinyo Santos, Savanna Springs Community Manager

I believe that Katrina Kunz should be recognized. MC accounting office does so much for us out on site! When I have questions or concerns, Katrina is always friendly and never makes me feel dumb for calling her. When she has to call me for a question or correction, she is ALWAYS nice and usually funny!! While I know that I have made some bloopers that have made her job harder, she is never rude. I just really appreciate her attitude and all of her help! – Lisa Smith, Saddle Creek Community Manager


And the winner of our May MC HERO Award is Mario Reynaga at The Place at Puesta del Sol!

My hero nomination is for my Maintenance Supervisor, Mario Reynaga. He has been an outstanding team member.  In a 104 unit property he took care of turns, service requests, and grounds. This is all part of his daily routine.  However, he has gone above and beyond. He had no call backs on service requests or turns in the entire month.  He furnished 3 temporary corporate units and has been staying late to help with our new cabinet project on select units.  I can’t stress enough how much his help and dedication is appreciated by the residents. – Reyna Salas, Nominator and Puesta Property Manager



Congratulations Linda Claiborne, MC Residential Communities Executive Assistant
and our April MC HERO Recipient!

Linda is great to work with and has been helpful in every situation. She is a problem solver and a hard worker who I know I can always turn to. Being in my position and having no admin assistant is very difficult but knowing Linda is there when I really need something is great! Recently, I was very frustrated with the lack of support I was getting when trying to get a report populated in Yardi. Linda took on the project and although it took 27+ e-mails back and forth, she saw it through! Why this may seem trivial and “part of her job”, it saved me at least 20 hours a month of manually pulling reports! She was also instrumental in helping me get a new UPS account (after mine was closed) and then worked diligently to find a solution to me getting a new printer after mine died. This was all within a two week period. I can’t say enough good about Linda and I honestly could not do my job without her. She is a true team player and my MC HERO!
Jen Humphrey, Nominator

I vote Linda Claiborne – She is on fire right now.  She just finished a file audit for me at Overlook and is tireless!
Lesley Brice, President MC Residential Communities

Linda is always there for any of us on-site to ask questions. She handles so many different aspects of the business-quietly on the back burner. I’m sure many of us have no idea ALL of the work she actually does. I do know that she pulls together all due diligence information for final submission. She pulls together the month end rankings…which I know I probably drive her crazy with all my questions. I know last year she held down Saddle Creek when they were short handed, no complaints and really no on site experience. She even got a lease and that resident is still here and still asks about her. She always promotes the professionalism of this company. I know that for me she is always there if I have a question. Linda is really the one who pulls together our annual Christmas party and that is so much work!
Lisa Smith, The Place at Saddle Creek Property Manager

Linda is great to work with. Recently, she realized an issue with the monthly overview that each property completes on multiple sections and not only fixed the spreadsheet to reflect the missing information but did so in a way that wasn’t confusing to the onsite staff.  She not only fixed this issue but pulled the reports and entered all missing information for each property so that everything would be accurate.  This is not only important on the corporate level, but on the property level as well since a lot of bonuses are based on performance and performance is calculated by this overview. 

Jen Harmon, MC Residential Communities Property Management Administrator

She is amazing. She’s a one woman show frankly. I am always so impressed at her skills, dedicated and diligence. I never second guess her decisions. She is competent and knowledgeable. I am so fortunate to her on my team; MC is lucky to call her one of our own for sure!
Jen Costanza, MC Companies Director of Operations


Congratulations to Mike McCown, Maintenance Supervisor at The Place at Stratford Village
and our March MC HERO!

Over the past few months, I’ve been very impressed by the entire team at Stratford.  While everyone on the Stratford team is a HERO, I nominated Mike McCown, the maintenance supervisor.  The reason Mike stands out is how much he has grown as a leader. To me, Mike is a HERO because when challenged, he make the choice to improve and really pushed his team to rise, as well.

It has truly been an uphill battle for the entire Stratford team to get occupancy up, they have had to juggle many issues, not the least of which is 60+ unit turns and hundreds of work orders with limited resources.  Mike’s leadership, fostered by the property manager, Brant  Bomar, has allowed the team to focus and improve when others may have thrown in the towel.  Another reason I am impressed by Mike is his ability to estimate the costs associated with each unit turn, down to the absolute dollar – a skill unlike many of his maintenance supervisor peers.  This has allowed them to proactively plan turns based on available resources while balancing customer needs.  Great work, Mike!

Lesley Brice, nominator

February MC HERO

Congratulations to Patty Becker, Director of Customer Relations and our February MC HERO!

Patty Becker is a shining star amongst us for many reasons. While she does an amazing job with residents as the Director of Customer Relations, she does so much more.  As a “newbie” in the industry, Patty has been my go-to person for so many things MC and Property Management related… It’s refreshing to have someone so readily available and willing to listen, to talk through issues and encourage…
Jen Humphrey, nominator

It’s easy to underestimate the effect of good customer service.  It was never more apparent how much an impact customer service has on the success of our company as when Patty took a time off recently – our phones nearly blew up. Our customers have come to rely on having a direct line to our corporate office through Patty.  Her careful and diplomatic treatment of all those she helps embodies the giving spirit that makes us successful, for that she is truly deserving of the MC HERO award.  While I know this recognition will make her very uncomfortable (another reason she deserves it!), Please join me in congratulating and thanking Patty for her commitment!
Lesley Brice, President MC Residential Communities

January MC HERO

2012 brings a new program to MC – The MC HERO AWARDS…

Here are a few snippets of what people had to say about our first HERO RECIPIENTS:

Sandy Rocka- Property Manager, The Place at Harvestree Plano, TX

Sandy is an amazing manager that is highly respected amongst her peers… It’s also not unusual for her to open her home to displaced residents or MC employees that need a place to stay. I adore this lady and respect her immensely.
Jen Humphrey, nominator

Sandy is a team player. Not only on a property level but on a MC level. She is always ready to assist anyone with questions they may have and she demonstrates   great knowledge of the MC way!..  Sandy is a very respected manager in Texas and her property continues to be in the top ratings in just about any category. Not only is she a strong manager but she is also a very caring and honest person…
Tammy Martinez, nominator

What a way to kick off the MC HERO by recognizing Sandy. Sandy is one of our most experienced and successful associates. Her asset runs very smoothly which is a reflection of her and her teams personality. Sandy is a natural leader. Her team as well as her peers turn to Sandy when any insight is needed. Sandy is also very giving to her team , her peers, her customers and her community.  Sandy inspires us all to be an MC HERO.
JB Durham, Regional Vice President

Edelmira “Mira” Enciso – Housekeeper, The Place at Edgewood Tucson, AZ

Mira goes out of her way to help when we need it… when we’re short staffed in the maintenance department…
Reynaldo Rodriquez, nominator

Mira is our housekeeper extraordinaire!  On Saturday, January 21st, Mira celebrated her 8th year anniversary with MC… She is meticulous and fast and it is because of her that turns are completed in a much more timely matter…  Not only does she pitch in to help ANYONE with ANYTHING but she also unselfishly participates in any charitable events that the Edgewood Team and MC is involved in, such as Cystic Fibrosis walks and huge yard sale, Salvation Army Adopt-A-Family.  Mira also participates in any AMA event that she is invited to – to include Maintenance Mania where she won “Most Creative” race car!  Mira comes to work every day with a positive attitude and is such a hard worker that she inpires all of us to do and be the best that we can every day!  We love our Mira!
Maria King, nominator

…she has been with us a long time, is very active in community activities, and is an exceptional employee.
Ross McCallister, MC Principal

HERO Honorable Mention:  Saddle Creek Maintenance Team of Rene Lozano, Jorge Lopez, Jesse Rede

Back in July when I first arrived at Saddle Creek, Jorge came into the office looking for one of our umbrellas. I kinda snickered and asked why he needed an umbrella, we were in a severe drought. He said that Ms. Coleman at apt 1309 had fallen and they wanted to give her shade. I jetted up and grabbed the umbrella and headed to where she was at. There was Rene and Jesse keeping her company while they waited for the paramedic’s to arrive. Ms. Coleman is slowly losing her mobility and she fell on the sidewalk. It was so hot…so the guys went and got her pillow, the umbrella called 911 and waited calmly at her side. I have been blessed to have GREAT maintenance teams my entire career…but I just thought this was outstanding. They just handled it. Granted, they should have let me know, but they were just prioritizing the events… This act of kindness really meant so much to this resident. Word of this deed does get around and then the community knows they can count on the team to take the extra steps to take care of them…
Lisa Smith, Nominator